Causes of Birthmarks in Babies

Some newborn babies often have birthmarks in certain areas of the body. Birthmarks can be in the form of colorful spots with varying sizes and shapes. But do you know why some babies have it, but some don't? According to public belief, birthmarks will be attached to the baby if during pregnancy, the mother sees a lunar eclipse. There are also those who say birthmarks are caused by a period of craving for pregnant women that is not fulfilled. Actually, until now the cause of birthmarks in babies is still not certain. Even doctors don't know why some babies have birthmarks and some don't. If seen from the medical side, some birthmarks are caused by blood vessels that have accumulated or do not grow normally. While other birthmarks arise because of dyes or additional pigments on the skin. Broadly speaking, birthmarks are divided into two types, namely vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks. Vascular birthmarks. This birthmark is caused by abnormal blood vessels u…
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